People living near Kohlhepp property shaken up, recall recent activities

WOODRUFF, S.C. (WSPA) – Neighbors near Todd Kohlhepp’s property are now thinking back to the time spent living close to what’s now a crime scene.

“It’s kind of unsettling that this girl’s been tied up over there for two months and is right across the road,” said John Ravan.

The view from his front porch has gone from an empty piece of land to a front row seat of a kidnapping – and possible murder investigation.

“He [Todd] said he was going to build a house over there one day. I just kinda figured he was building him a farm – nothing unusual,” said Ravan. He said he did wonder why Kohlhepp put up such extensive fencing in a neighborhood where property thefts are uncommon. “Six foot high chain link fence around a hundred acres, that’s kind of… out there.”

Kathy Foster’s home runs into the lesser known backside of Kohlhepp’s property.

“Here she [Kala Brown] is – she’s back there, and we didn’t even know about it,” said Foster.

She says deputies came through this area two weeks ago but did not find Kala. Neighbors say after that was when Kohlhepp started putting up a fence on the backside and moving brush and rock on the property. This is also the exit that the car that belonged to carver was brought out of Thusday.

Foster says she just wish she could have done more.

“I feel so guilty, knowing that she was over there, I just feel like…why didn’t I hear something, ya know I felt like something was wrong, but I wasn’t sure.”

“This is something you see in the news and other places. Not in your front yard,” said Ravan. “I think prayer works, that’s all we’ve got.”

We’re told deputies will continue combing over that property until they’ve searched all of it for evidence.

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