Superbike Motorsports quadruple murder timeline

10 Year Memorial For Superbike Murders Wednesday (Image 2)

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – On November 6, 2003, one gunman shoot four people in seven minutes. 13 years later, the Superbike Motorsports quadruple murder is no longer a cold case.

Scott Ponder, Beverly Guy, Chris Sherbert, and Brian Lucas are being remembered.

Family member of Brian Lucas, Tom Lucas says, “We just could not believe, how could this happen. What would cause this to take place on the 13th anniversary. It’s just unreal.”

Shortly after the crime happened, the Sheriff Bill Coffee focused the search around the sketch based on a witness account.

The suspect was labeled a disgruntled employee and through the years that story would stick.

Over time, private investigators and other sets of eyes would look at the case, including an FBI profiler in 2005.

When Sheriff Chuck Wright took office that year, he appointed a special task force to the cold case.

Then in 2006 the case was featured nationally on Geraldo at large, but the case remained cold.

Family member of Brian Lucas, Lorraine Lucas said, “For so many years we felt like there was nothing really going on with regards to the case and every time a new investigator would come in…it took a lot to be up to speed.”

Lorraine Lucas remembers at least eight different lead investigators in the 13 year period.

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