Anderson police grateful for Spartanburg Co.’s work in Kohlhepp case

ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – Todd Kohlhepp’s whole case began with a missing couple out of Anderson County. We caught up with Anderson investigators at a bond hearing Wednesday morning to hear more about their part in this big investigation.

From the beginning, family and friends did everything they could to bring them home, they knew then something was very wrong.  They worked with police constantly to deliver any clue that they could.

“We feel like they are in danger because there is no way possible if she was not restricted somehow,” Bobbie Newsom told 7 News when the couple first went missing.

Anderson city investigators spent two months tracking the missing couple down. They found one of their cell phones last pinged on Todd Kohlhepp’s property. That’s when they started working with Spartanburg deputies to search the land.

“It was two agencies that came together and worked great together,” Captain Mike Aikens said. “The detectives that went up there initially, they came back and were just so grateful for what Spartanburg is doing.”

The lead investigators told our coverage partners at the Independent Mail that the entire case has been hard on them. The horror of Kohlhepp’s investigation is keeping them up at night.

While they won’t discuss specifics of the case, they say they were happy to see Kala Brown come home.

Now, they’re still working on their part to make sure all of the victim’s families see justice.

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