Crews battle WNC wildfire in dry, windy conditions

Wildfire burns in Western North Carolina
Wildfire burns in Western North Carolina

LAKE LURE, NC (WSPA) – For the fourth straight day, smoke is filling the skies of the Carolinas, and it can be seen in parts of Tennessee and Georgia.

This is all stemming from a wildfire on the mountains near Lake Lure.

Wind speeds here reached 30 miles an hour today, which only hindered fire crews on the scene.

Now crews have to change their strategy to battle the flames.

Officials with the North Carolina Forest Service are focusing on maiming the containment lines, and making sure the wind doesn’t push the fire towards any houses.

The wind makes it hard to put the helicopters and planes in the air to dump water on the flames, so crews are having working on the ground to create containment lines.

Fifty homes face evacuation today if the flames continue to spread. To try to prevent this, crews are fighting fire with fire.

Ground crews are taking fire and lighting that off towards the wildfire. That way, the wildfire does not have any fuel to burn. That fire is going to meet the one set by crews and keep moving the other way.

Officials don’t know yet what caused the fire on Saturday.

Fire crews are on 24 hour watches to make sure the flames don’t jump the containment lines. If the fire does jump the lines, residents need to be prepared to evacuate immediately.

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