How a Trump win may affect your stock portfolio

The day after election day ended on a high note for Wall Street.

All the indices were up, including the Dow by 1.4%, even after the futures had tumbled 800 points overnight as a Trump victory became clear.

With that kind of fluctuation, you may we wondering how a Trump presidency may impact your portfolio.

The experts tell us, overall they’re optimistic.

“There are pluses and minuses but overall we see a growth component here,” said Beau Shuler, a financial planner in Spartanburg.

Financial Planner Dan Foster broke down the winners and losers, especially if Trump pursues deregulation of certain industries:

“Energy, heavy regulation, banking heavy regulation, healthcare heavy regulation. Those are the three winners today. Who are the losers, anybody who is subject to international trade, because of the perception that he will go forward with isolationist trade policies,” said Foster.

Overall he says he has a very positive outlook, primarily because history shows when a president and both chambers of congress are the same party, there’s an average 18% gain in the market in the first 2 years.

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