Investigators still working to ID bodies found on Kohlhepp property

Kohlhepp's neighbor: “He was a good marksman.”

WOODRUFF, S.C. – Words of kindness now hang on the fence of Todd Kohlhepp’s property remembering Charles David Carver.

His body was found last week after Kala Brown was discovered chained up in a storage container.

kohlhepp-postersCarver’s estranged wife Nichole Ellen Nunes Carver remains in jail after being arrested Tuesday for impersonating a police officer to get information on this case.

The coroner is still working to identify the two other bodies Kohlhepp led them to on his property.

“I could’ve been walking on those bodies and not even know it – that’s the scary part about it,” said neighbor Scott Waldrof. “I thought he was a normal guy.”

Waldrof says he got to know Kohlhepp since the real estate broker bought the nearly 100 acres next door, and shared his plans to build a house on the property.

He said Kohlhepp likes to talk and they hit it off. Waldrof said he’s been on Kohlhepp’s property, and even helped with putting up a fence. He said he even asked Kohlhepp about being on the sex offender registry.

“The way he [Kohlhepp] did it to me, he played it off,” said Waldrof.

When Waldrof got word of what investigators finding Kala Brown on Kohlhepp’s property Thursday, Waldrof sent a text saying ‘Need you to call me ASAP.’ He said he didn’t know at the time that Kohlhepp was already taken into custody for kidnapping.

“He set up a target and I’m not joking with you, the boy was on it,” said Waldrof. “He was a good marksman.”

Waldrof said now he wishes he’d known more about whom Kohlepp really was, but he’s taken some lessons from the experience.

“To a stranger, I’m more alert at all times and I will be checking that stranger out to an extent,” he said. “I think I would’ve backed off a long ways with our relationship if I’d known that.”

Crews will be back on the property to continue their investigation Wednesday.

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