Upstate reaction to presidential election

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – 7 News stopped by a political hot spot in the Upstate to get reaction to the results from the presidential campaign.

Folks we found at Tommy’s Country Ham House were willing to share their thoughts.

“All the national news media predicted it to go the other way, and they ain’t as smart as they think they are,” said Butch Shira, a Trump supporter. “The people have rose up and spoken and I am tickled to death.”

“He’s gonna have his work cut out and he’s gonna have to do some proving because of what we’ve had in the past,” explained Sheryl Johnson, a Trump supporter who works at the restaurant. “He’s got a lot of proving to do, but I think he’s the one to do it.”

For the past thirty years, Tommy Stevenson has welcomed politicians from both parties to his restaurant. This election cycle alone he’s had eight candidates visit including Trump.

“We enjoy it and our customers enjoy it, and we’ll do anything for our customers,” Stevenson said.




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