Kohlhepp’s mom talks about his childhood anger, rape, kidnapping

WOODRUFF, SC (WSPA) – Todd Kohlhepp’s mom, Reggie Tague talked to us about his childhood.

Kohlhepp is charged with the Superbike murders. Four people were shot to death in 2003.

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Sheriff Chuck Wright says Kohlhepp has confessed to those murders.

Three bodies were also found on Kohlhepp’s property.

The first was Charles Carver. He was the boyfriend of Kala Brown.

She was found chained by the neck inside a metal container on his property.

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The two other bodies were a married couple from Spartanburg.

They are Meagan Leigh McCraw Coxie and Johnny Joe Coxie.

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Tague says she had no clue of what her son was truly capable of until he confessed.

“I had to get rid of the anger and nothing I did seemed to help,” Tague said.

“He’d throw sand (in nursery school) and if he wanted something he would push them down and go get it.”

His mom says he used scissors on a school bus to get back at girl who made him mad.

“He stabbed her in the leg, not much, it didn’t go deep.”

When he wanted a gerbil, he killed his goldfish.

“I got after him for cloroxing the goldfish. I said ‘what made you think you can do that?’ He just looked at me and said I didn’t want him anymore.”

Tague says she will never forget the day Kohlhepp’s step-siblings were picked up from school and he wasn’t.

“He was hurt. He says they didn’t want me. Do you think that was first time he was deeply hurt close to it.”

She says there were many attempts at counseling.

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When Kohlhepp hit his teen years his mom says his father, missing since her son was two-months-old, showed up.

She says Kohlhepp wanted to move out West with his dad. Trying to avoid that, Tague bought her son new furniture.

“He took a claw hammer to all his furniture and tore it up the new furniture.”

“Did he threaten to kill you?”

“Yeah, he was tall enough and big enough that I wasn’t going to take a chance, so I locked him in his bedroom at night and I locked me in my bedroom.”

She says she gave in and let her son live out West for a school year with his dad.

“He left Todd alone for three days. You can’t o that with Todd.”

Kohlhepp raped a 14-year-old girl.

“He had a crush on her and he wanted her to be his girlfriend,” Tague said.

“Todd went and got her and brought her home at gun point, yes he did.”

He was tried as an adult and spent 15 years in prison in Arizona.

Tague said, “He’s pretty much grown up. Maybe he can do right. Seemed like most of the anger had dissipated out.”

Kohlhepp was back in South Carolina, just two years before the Superbike Murders.

Amy Wood asked if she was questioning herself.

“Every day of my life,” said Tague. “I don’t know how it could have been changed I took him everywhere I knew to take him… my heart absolutely goes out to those people and I feel such shame I feel so ashamed that my son hurt them.”

This mom’s dream for her boy to straighten out his life is now a complete serial killer nightmare.


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