What Kohlhepp told his mom at the time of the Superbike murders

WOODRUFF, SC (WSPA) – The mother of Todd Kohlhepp spoke exclusively to 7News about her son and his motive behind the Superbike killings and why he kept Kala Brown alive and chained inside a metal container.

VIDEO: Todd Kohlhepp’s mother speaks about her son and his motives

When she spoke to Kohlhepp she asked him “Why did you do that?”

She says he told her “I didn’t know what to do with her. She didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t want to hurt her.”


Tague met with her son for about 30 minutes and they talked a lot about Superbike.

Tague says he told her they embarrassed him and made him feel bad when all he wanted was to be taught how to ride a motorcycle.

She says his rage and inability to control his anger led him back to that shop for revenge.

“They sent him down a big field with plants this high and he fell off and they laughed and laughed at him.”

She says her son wanted help learning to ride. When he didn’t get the help, he didn’t want the bike, he wanted his money back.

“They told him they’d take it back, but they wouldn’t give him his money back and they were laughing at him,” Tague said.

MORE: Kohlhepp’s former co-workers call him ‘arrogant,’ but seemingly ‘harmless’

And later she discussed Charles Carver and Kala Brown. Brown was found chained up on Kohlhepp’s property while Carver’s body was found shot and buried.

“All he told me is that Charlie had a really smart mouth and that he didn’t like it,” Tague says.


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