Partial evacuation order lifted for fire at Pinnacle Mtn. in Pickens Co.

UPDATE: At 12:30 p.m. Sunday the SC Forestry Commission stated that any residents who were asked to evacuate Saturday can now return to their homes.

SCFC Incident Commander Mike Bozzo reports, “The firelines we’ve constructed so far are holding very well, particularly those on the lower portions of the left and right flanks of the fire. These are the areas we were unsure about [Saturday], which is what prompted the evacuation.”pinnacle-fire-fixed

The SC Forestry Commission and Pickens Fire Department recommend that residents living just south and southwest of Pinnacle Mountain in Table Rock State Park evacuate.

All residents north of Highway 11 between the eastern marker of Sleepy Springs Dr. and the western edge at Falcon Crest Way. Also, all residents of Sugar Likker Rd. are advised to evacuate as well.

The SC Forestry Commission want to make it clear that residents in this area are not in imminent danger and that this evacuation is precautionary.

Additional streets within this zone include Laurel Ford Ln., Centurion Ln., Lake Barbara Rd., and Woodmere Dr.

Midway Baptist Church at 1200 MIdway Rd. will be a shelter for all evacuees.



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