Earthquake strands three cows on “island”


NEAR KAIKOURA, NEW ZEALAND (CBS Newspath) – Three cows have been stranded on an island of grass in a paddock that had been ripped apart by a powerful earthquake that rocked New Zealand on Monday.

Aerial footage which was taken by New Zealand’s Newshub near Kaikoura, shows the cows surrounded by huge landslides.

The quake triggered landslides and a small tsunami, cracked apart roads and homes and left two people dead, but largely spared the country the devastation it saw five years ago when a deadly earthquake struck the same region.

Strong aftershocks continued to shake the country on Monday, rattling the nerves of exhausted residents, many of whom had spent a sleepless night huddled outside after fleeing for higher ground to avoid the tsunami waves.

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the South Island just after midnight in a mostly rural area that’s dotted with small towns.


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