Stop smoke from getting in your home, get rid of it when it gets in

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SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – With all the wildfires in the area, most of us are smelling smoke – even inside our homes.

If you don’t like your home smelling like a campfire, there are a few things you can do to prevent smoke getting in and ways to minimize it once it is inside your home.



1. FIND OUT WHERE IT IS GETTING IN Check your doors and windows for drafts and crack. Treat this like you are winterizing your home, which you may be getting ready to do anyway. This way you get a jump on winter. If a draft is getting in – so is the smoke. You can’t stop it completely, but you can minimize it.

2. SEAL THE DRAFTS You can use foam strips inside your exterior door jams to seal drafts where the smoke is getting in. You can get it at your local hardware or big-box store.

3. PUT PLASTIC SHEETING ON WINDOWS – If you have draft windows you can use plastic sheeting and masking tape to seal them up.



1. HEAVY DUTY AIR FILTER – If you have central heat and air you can buy an air filter at your local hardware or big box store that will filter out a lot of contaminants.

Ask an employee which one is best.

2. CLEAN SURFACES – Clean often. Smoke will hang in the air, but it is also coating the surfaces of your home.

You can clean hard surfaces with vinegar or other household cleans.

You can use baking soda to absorb odors in carpets and rugs. Just sprinkle some on, wait a few minutes and vacuum.

3. KEEP THE AIR MOVING – If you have ceiling fans, run them. If you don’t, pull out a fan you may have around the home and run it to keep the air circulating.

4. AIR FRESHENERS – This probably goes without saying, but you can use air fresheners and baking soda to cover up the smells in your home.

It doesn’t eliminate the smoke, but can help minimize the odor if you are sensitive to it.

5. AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM – If it gets really bad you can looking into buying a HEPA or Ionizing air filters for your home.

Make sure you look at the square footage that it covers to decide how may you will need.

If you only buy 1 filter and your home is larger than its coverage, you can always rotate it in and out of different rooms in your home.

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