Help find accused Greer scammers who prey on the elderly

Greer Walmart Scam suspects

GREER, SC (WSPA) – The Greer Police Department is asking for your help to identify three scam suspects.

The man has been involved in at least three scam incidents, similar in nature, and the women have been involved in at least one with the man, according to investigators.

10/18/2016 – In the most recent incident the woman approached the 87 year old at Walmart (14055 E Wade Hampton Blvd) in order to convince him to give her and the subject pictured left $3,000 in exchange for an even split of $60,000, according to the report.

The victim agreed to the transaction and drove 2 suspects to the bank in order to get a check for them.

The second woman, followed the victim in a separate car.

When they got the money they ran and failed to follow through with the agreed transaction, according to the report.

01/14/2016 – In January 20115, the man along with an unidentified black woman approached an 87-year-old woman in the parking lot of Dollar General (805 W Wade Hampton Blvd) in the city of Greer.

The two convinced her that they had found a bag in the parking lot, which was filled with money, according to police.

The woman told the victim that she would speak with her manager at Belk, fill out paperwork concerning the money and that they would need a processing fee but would in turn split the findings with her.

The victim gave them $600,and they ran, according to the report.

05/02/2014 – In May of 2014 an 86 year old female was approached in the Walmart parking lot (14055 E Wade Hampton Blvd) by a man and woman.

They convinced the victim that they found money and in a wallet and it could be split between the three of them, if she paid the “taxes” on the money found to the business.

The victim got $449 out of her purse, and the suspects took the money out of her hand and ran, according to the report.

Police say the man in this case went by the name Mr. Jenkins and drove a white Lincoln Navigator (white in color).

If you have any information concerning the identity of these subjects please call the Greer Police Department C.I.D. at 864-877-7906 or email

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