First responders get invaluable training in Townville

TOWNVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Healing through helping is what a Townville man is urging his community to do following September’s school shooting that killed 6-year-old Jacob Hall.

The community gathered Wednesday evening to raise money for the first responders who ran into harm’s way to protect Townville Elementary School.

First responders also got hands-on state-of-the-art training.

Wearing a Batman ring given to him by the father of Jacob Hall, Dwayne Johnson still chokes up remembering the news that came across his screen that September day.

“He lost his son to evil and we are fighting evil back,” says Johnson.

Johnson’s property turned triage training ground made possible by his company LKQ, GHS, and other community donors.

Different wreckage scenes were set up to simulate different dangerous scenarios.

All first responders from Greer to Hart County, Georgia who stepped in to run calls while Townville healed were invited.

“We wanted to reach out to all those people that came and helped and all those stations and do something that we could help them with through extrication training and offer them different scanarios all at the same time.”

This training represents whats only before been seen in books.

“A dead hybrid battery can still shock somebody enough to kill them. A dead battery still has enough amperage there to it.”

Hybrid cars, with high voltage batteries still in place, allow responders to disable the danger in real time, safely.

“They offer a whole new level of dangers to these men that are out saving lives and we want to make sure they’re safe.”

Greenville Health System’s Director of Simulation Education Aaron Dix lead the free training.

“This is an enormous amount of equipment that these small departments don’t have access to.”

But now, as a big thank you from Townville and the Upstate, these men and women will leave with a new skill set that might just save a life.

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