SCHSL to comment on air conditions Thursday

(SCHSL) – The South Carolina High School League continues to make student athlete and staff safety a top priority. With the growing concerns over the forest fires and smoke encompassing the southeast region, we hosted an air quality conference call today with neighboring state organizations that are also monitoring the environmental concerns.

“It is our goal to have a clearer vision for what Friday night may look like for football playoff games scheduled across the state. After speaking with athletic leaders representing Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee, it is a consensus that we hold off on decisions pertaining to this week’s games until tomorrow due to the constantly changing path of the smoke. We are monitoring closely and reviewing data hourly,” state Jerome Singleton, SCHSL Commissioner.

We intend to communicate with the National Weather Service as well as weather experts across our region throughout the day tomorrow for the most accurate scenario for Friday evening.  We are keeping our schools updated as we discuss possibilities for any schedule changes. Our foremost concern at the moment is our athletes and coaching staff safety during this week’s practice time.  We stress the importance of closely monitoring any athlete or staff member to partaking in practice activity outdoors if they currently have any health issues related to asthma and/or respiratory illness.

“We are sensitive to those with health issues that may hinder their performance or cause additional damage to their health. Coaches and school administrators are asked to monitor their staff and athletes closely for any signs of distress while outdoors. We are aware schools have implemented their own precautionary practices in addition to our advisement,” states Singleton.

The SCHSL will communicate with game officials to confirm their health status for this week’s game. Arrangements will be made to replace any game official who may not be able to officiate due to the quality concerns.

We will have an update tomorrow afternoon with the most up to date weather conditions and wind predictions. Please remain patient and understand we are working with all barometers that our schools may face to have a safe, exciting evening of football.

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