Todd Kohlhepp met victim at Waffle House, says fmr. coworker

Meagan and Johnny Coxie. (Photo courtesy: Family)

A former Waffle House coworker says that Todd Kohlhepp met one of his victims through her job at the Roebuck Waffle House.

The former cook says that Meagan Coxie was a waitress there when Kohlhepp became a regular during 2015.

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The cook says that Todd would try to take waitresses home, and tip them big money for his meals.

The cook says that Todd would “creep” the waitresses out so much, that he would take his order.

Meagan and Johnny Coxie were found shot and buried on Todd Kohlhepp’s 95 acres in Woodruff.

They had been missing since December of 2015.

No funeral arrangements have been announced.

Todd Kohlhepp has not been charged with their murder.

VIDEO: Sheriff Wright discusses Kohlhepp case with 7News


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