Carlos Santana debuts his marijuana inhaler in Colorado

Carlos Santana (KXRM)

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. — We’ve seen a lot of celebrities giving their two cents on the recent election.

One very well-known musician was in Colorado Wednesday, November 16 advocating for marijuana.

You may remember some of his hits like “Maria, Maria” and “Black Magic Woman.” Carlos Santana made an appearance at Marisol Therapeutics, talking about the power of marijuana’s healing and showing off his new brand of pot products.

Santana said, “My mother, she asked me one time if I could score some weed for her and I was like, ‘Mom!’”

Santana said she would put the pot into a jar with alcohol. Then she would take it out and put it on achy joints or ailments.

“It heals arthritis and rheumatism,” said Santana. “It’s not new. People have been doing these things since before Christopher Columbus landed in here.”

For years, Santana has made his support for cannabis clear, even appearing in a PSA encouraging voters to keep pot in Pueblo legal.

Now he’s debuting his very own marijuana inhaler. It’s like a vaporizer pen but instead of nicotine, you’re inhaling THC.

Santana said, “We want to affect consciousness with healing and giving people a better quality of life physically and hopefully psychologically. The world needs to know that there’s a difference between medicine and drugs. Humans make drugs in laboratories. Mother Nature makes medicine.”

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