Satellite Launch Will Improve Fire Forecasting

Saturday evening, GOES-R…the newest weather satellite…is scheduled to launch from the Kennedy Space Center.   Liftoff is currently scheduled for 5:42 PM.

The satellite on its launch vehicle rolled out onto the launchpad Friday morning.  Once this takes off and becomes operational, it will mark a whole new era in weather forecasting.

But it can see more than just our “typical” weather.

This new satellite can help detect fires by detecting hot spots at the ground with much higher resolution than before.  This will especially help in areas, like the NC mountains, that are particularly rural…where fires may not initially be noticed.  This will allow faster and more effective deployment of emergency personnel to control the fires and get people out of harms way

Farther away from the fires, smoke can be a persistent problem.  This is something we’ve seen across our area for the past several days.

A look at where the smoke is…and where it’s going…will be picked up more frequently and with higher frequency than ever before.  This means better air quality forecasts down the road.


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