New Weather Satellite Launches

Saturday evening at 6:42 PM EST, the “GOES-R” weather satellite launched from the Kennedy Space center in Florida.

This is the first step into the future of weather forecasting, as this satellite will be capable of bringing in 40X the weather data we currently receive.

The launch was delayed from its original date of November 4 because of the after effects of Hurricane Matthew.  Once GOES-R gets into space and starts bringing us its data, we will have a better look at the workings of hurricanes, and a better way of forecasting them.

Joe Pica, Director of the Office of Operations for the National Weather Service, says that “we’re going to be able to take a much closer look at a hurricane that would come into the Carolinas. With that, we would be able to watch it and see if it’s intensifying or decaying…where are the strongest rain bands…and where do we need to get those flash flooding advisories, watches, warnings out.”

Timely and precise information that could have gotten earlier and more specific warnings to those affected by the flooding left behind by Matthew.

Once the satellite is in position and tested, this means we could start seeing the benefits of this new data in a few months, with full capabilities up and running in about a year.

Learn more about this satellite and what it can do here.

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