Displaced elk tranquilized, taken to South Carolina mountains

Photo courtesy SCDNR


PICKENS COUNTY (WSPA) – A young bull elk, the first to have been spotted in South Carolina since the 1700’s, was tranquilized and taken to a more mountainous area.

Officials with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources tranquilized the Upstate’s infamous displaced elk the evening of November 17. The animal had been spotted in more populous areas of Pickens County.

Numerous pictures of the elk were taken and posted on social media. The pictures and videos were taken despite repeated requests that people avoid coming close to the animal for their own safety.

SCDNR says the elk was successfully moved it to a remote area in the South Carolina mountains. Biologists believe the young bull elk was driven out of it’s natural home in Haywood County, NC by bigger bulls during mating season.

Those experts say once the animal realizes there are no female elk in the area, he will return to join it’s herd in North Carolina.

The elk population around the Great Smoky Mountains is estimated to be around 150.

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