Trey Gowdy talks Superbike case; death penalty

Todd Kohlhepp bond hearing
Todd Kohlhepp bond hearing

In 2003, Congressman Trey Gowdy was the 7th Circuit Solicitor. During that time, 4 people were gunned down at Superbike Motorsports. Gowdy left the solicitor’s office in 2011, and no one was arrested for the crime.

Todd Kohlhepp confessed to the 2003 killings after bodies were found on his Woodruff property.

Gowdy says that confession is not enough to charge or convict someone in a death penalty case. Because of the scrutiny of death penalty cases, every detail from the prosecutor and defense attorneys must be perfect.

Since 4 people were killed during one event at superbike, Todd Kohlhepp is eligible for the death penalty.

They will have to use 13-year-old evidence, but Gowdy says that the prosecutors will use that to take the jury inside the Superbike shop of the day of the murders.

Defense Attorney John Reckenbiel says that Kohlhepp’s attorney should play into the fact that he confessed and that he is remorseful.

The solicitor’s office has not made a decision about whether to seek the death penalty or not.


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