Kansas community extends helping hand for 9-day-old baby after mother’s murder

Baby Sophia (Courtesy)

WICHITA, Kan. – Nine-day-old Sophia Victoria Gonzalez Abarca is at home, safe and sound with her family in Wichita.

This comes after she was missing for two days, after her mother, 27-year-old Laura Abarca-Nogueda was found murdered in her west Wichita apartment.

Sophia’s uncle, Jose Abarca says family has been able to breathe a sigh of relief, now that Sophia is back home.

“Little Sophia is doing great, you know, I already hold her a couple of times, once yesterday, once today, and she’s eating like crazy, she’s perfectly fine, she’s healthy,” said Abarca.

Abarca says while his family is thrilled Sophia is back home, they are still grieving the loss of his baby sister.

“She was the best mom Sophia could have, and I don’t know why somebody would do this horrible to a mother of six days,” said Abarca.

Abarca says the people who took Sophia also took most of the belongings her mother, Laura, had bought for her.

That is why the community stepping up to lend a helping hand.

Karina Rodriguez was a complete stranger to Abarca, until tonight.

She took it upon herself to begin taking up donations to help Sophia and her family.

“I’ve been telling everybody, you know, just to bring in diapers, wipes, clothing, baby formula,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is a mother of two young children herself.

She tells KSN that she felt she just had to help the Abarca family.

“I just needed to do something good, you know, something that would help a family in need,” said Rodriguez.

It is that kind of help that Abarca says he is truly grateful for.

“I thank everybody for the help and it’s no way I can pay them back, I just want to thank them, forever,” said Abarca.

Rodriguez says she will be collection donations for the Abarca family for the next two weeks.

She says people can contact her on her Facebook page to set up a time to drop off any donations at her home for baby Sophia.

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