Chesnee deli’s community shelves help those in need

Rob's Deli community shelves

CHESENEE, SC (WSPA) – Rob’s Deli in Chesnee SC has found a way to give back to the community.

Rob Moore opened the deli a little over a year ago, but before entering into this venture he donated his time, cooking and handing out meals to the homeless.

“It’s shocking to a lot of people, the the hunger that goes on in in small towns. They consider it a big city thing, but it’s really not. There’s a need that every small town really has,” says Moore.

Despite being busy with his new business, he wanted to continue his efforts to feed those in need.

He came up with the community shelves.

Anyone can drop by the deli and put non-perishable foods or blankets on the shelves, and anyone in need is welcome to take from the shelves.

It works on the honor system and so far, the community has embraced the idea.

“The community sees the need when the shelves are empty, they automatically come and fill it up. I don’t. I put things out on Dacebook when it’s low and the next day it will be packed full of stuff… then the people that need it can just come by and take what they need and and I’ve been really surprised that no one takes more than they really need,” said Moore.

He says the shelves eliminate the humiliation for the people who need it. He says it also takes away the need for people to be praised for putting food out there.

“It’s honestly just between the donors and God and the people who take it and God.”

Rob also said that his goal is to provide a shelter for the food stuffs so that he can make the supplies available in any kind of weather. He’d also like to get other businesses involved. But for now, if you would like to donate, just stop by and drop off supplies at Rob’s Deli at 310 Alabama Ave in Chesnee.

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