Clear Creek Fire update 11/23

Resources Assigned: Thompson’s Eastern Montana Type II Incident Management Team assumed command of the fire on Nov. 21st at 8:00 pm. The IMT is working closely with local NC Forest Service, US Forest Service, and McDowell County partners. Resources assigned to the incident include: 8 – Type 2 hand crews, 7 engines, 4 dozers, and 1 helicopter.

Closures: Hwy 80 from Toms Creek Road to the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed to nonresidents. Clear Creek Road, at the junction with Old Clear Creek Road, is closed to nonresidents.

Current Status: Growth occurred yesterday due to active fire on the southwestern edge driven primarily by topography. Crews continued to prep, install, and improve indirect fire line. Firefighters were again successful with burnout operations along the northeastern portions of the fire. Air support was utilized in the afternoon when visibility allowed. Hand crews and engines working night shift took over burnout operations, holding fire on the northeast edge of the fire. Firefighters also patrolled along the southern and eastern edges of the fire as they continued with structure protection.

Planned Actions: Firefighters will continue to improve indirect fire line and hold the fire on the southern and eastern edges of the fire.Crews working the northern edge of the fire will continue to hold the fire and continue with firing operations as needed. Structure protection will continue along the Clear Creek Road and Hwy 80. Aviation resources are again available to assist firefighters with bucket drops as visibility allows. Night operations are scheduled for this evening.

Weather: Low overnight temperatures along with low relative humidities and gusty winds will again provide for early activity on the fire. Temperatures today are expected in the mid 50’s with variable light winds. Conditions today may produce dense fog in the community.

Smoke: Moderate air quality is predicted for today. Localized areas of higher concentrations may be present immediately downwind of the fire. The daily report is posted at

A shelter is available upon request at Nebo Crossing Church for residents affected by the smoke from the Clear Creek Fire. Transportation is available by calling 652-3241 or 652-3982.

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