Son spit in mom’s face after eviction notice say Spartanburg deputies

Damien Isham
Damien Isham

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A son is charged after he wrecked his mom’s room and spit in her face, according to Spartanburg Co. deputies.

The mom said she gave her son, Damien Isham, an eviction notice and he got angry.

Deputies say it happened at Lake Dr. Apartments 11/22 around 3 p.m.

When they got there, the mom pointed to her shirt where there was a fresh wet streak and said that was the spittle that had dripped down from her face.

The deputy said the door to her room was knocked off and hanging into the room and a tall dresser was lying on the floor.

The mom said she called 911 after he spit and started throwing a tantrum.

The son said he did spit on her but it was unintentional.

The mom said the spitting was intentional because she heard him gathering spit in his mouth prior to being spit on.

Isham told the deputy he got angry because the eviction paperwork was fake because it wasn’t notorized.

The mom showed the deputy a a blank 5-day trespass notice document that is commonly issued prior to the official eviction notice being served.

The deputy told the son the paperwork was preliminary for the eviction and was legitimate.

The son told the deputy that he kicked the door in and tossed the room around because that was what her boyfriend would do to his room and said police would not do anything about it.

He also said he decided to trash mom’s room because she was calling 911, according to the deputy.

Isham was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery 3rd degree.

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