Oregon deputy pulls people over, gives them pie

Deputy Tom Barber (Credit: KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — One Marion County deputy has been surprising pulled over drivers by giving them pie instead of a ticket.

Deputy Tom Barber was given 10 pies by an anonymous donor, and the donor asked him to give the desserts to drivers stopped for traffic violations.

“What a creative way to impact our residents and perhaps change a behavior that makes our roads a safer place to travel for our residents and visitors,” Barber said.

So, over the course of an hour, Barber pulled over 10 drivers. He introduced himself to each one and informed them why they were stopped.

After telling the motorists that their fine would be a “nice round figure,” he gave them their pie. One driver broke into tears.

“I just hope this is a Thanksgiving week that those 10 motorists will never forget,” said Barber.

The deputy has been in law enforcement for nearly 20 years and serves the town of Sublimity.

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