Trigger enjoys Thanksgiving after long journey from SC

Trigger is pictured in a photo taken at the scene where rescuers took custody of him. (South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue)

MIAMI (WSPA) — Rescue workers say a horse that was ridden from the Upstate to Florida is now on the road to recovery.

The horse’s owner, 36-year-old Chris Emerson, was charged with animal cruelty in South Florida after authorities determined the horse was dangerously malnourished, according to reports.

Emerson told a reporter with the Miami-Herald that he left Greenwood about five months ago and decided to ride his horse, Trigger, to Key West.

But officials say Emerson only had two plastic bags of lawn trimmings for the horse to eat.

Kathleen Monahan with South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue said a veterinarian thinks Trigger is around 14 years old and blind in one eye.

“He’s very thin and has sores inside his mouth. He has a swollen leg and his back is extremely painful to the touch,” Monahan said.

She said that Trigger is doing well at the rescue ranch where his main interest is eating. Another rescue worker shared video and photos of Trigger enjoying Thanksgiving at the rescue ranch.

“Assuming all goes well, our goal will be to find a loving home or sanctuary where Trigger can live out his life with proper care and kindness,” Monahan said.

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