Officials hope rain forecast will bring Pinnacle Mt. wildfire relief

PICKENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) –  Forestry officials are keeping a close on a potential rain forecast this week in Pickens County, but they’re not betting on it just yet.

The Pinnacle Mountain wildfire continues to grow and now burns more than 9,147. It’s contained to about 47%.

“Not counting on it until the rain drops start hitting our head. We are doing all we can to contain the fire through burnout operations, construction lines, through the mop up operations putting out hot spots and if the rain can do some extra mopping up, we will be grateful for that,” said Russell Hubright, Forestry Commission information officer.

It was another day of sky high smoke off Pinnacle Mounatin Saturday. FIre officials say most of it was from a successful burnout near the North Carolina state line back to Slickum Falls Road.

“So that’s kind of good smoke in a way because we are able to take care of some of the areas that we are worried about on the edge of the fire,” Hubright continued. “That’s where we burned an area next to the road so that if the fire came next to that area it would not have a chance to cross it. That went real well today.”

With the potential for rain in the coming week, firefighters are hoping they can make even more progress soon. Over 250 people are still fighting the flames on foot and in the sky. They’re holding fire lines, targeting hot spots and protecting dozens of homes in high risk areas.

“It is amazing how they can go up and down this terrain, right?” Hubright said. “Eventually though, if we get enough rain and with our mop up operations, we hope the smoke will go away. That would be nice.”

There are still no evacuations in place for the wildfire.

A community meeting will be held Sunday evening at 4 p.m. at the Palmetto Cove RV Park in Cleveland. The discussion is open to anyone in the area for information on the fire’s progress.

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