Most holiday shoppers in 50-plus age range, study shows

(KHON) – Now that Black Friday is behind us, the focus turns to Cyber Monday, and some of our busiest online shoppers will be seniors.

“That group represents 83 percent of household income,” said AARP Hawaii Director Barbara Kim Stanton, “and they shop for everybody, so whether you’re talking about being at the mall or online, you’ll find that most of the shoppers will be those 50 or over.”

In one year, seniors spent $7.6 trillion worldwide.

Stanton said “in one year, there was an increase in $500 billion, so you can see that if the seniors were an economic unit like a country, they would be third largest in the world. The buying power is with the seniors.”

And many of them are surfing the web. “The largest and the fastest growing group of shoppers online are the 50-plus seniors. … Seniors are very savvy at going for shopping online. They do that all year.”>

While it’s the perfect way to avoid carrying heavy packages and waiting in long lines, there are pitfalls seniors need to know about.

“One of the things we really warn people about is to make sure that they’re using a credit card and not a debit card,” Stanton said, “because two-thirds of people who shop actually use the debit, and if you have a debit card, you’re liable.”

And if you’re heading back to the mall, don’t forget to keep your receipts, wear comfortable clothing and, most of all, stay positive. Packed parking lots and pushy people often deter seniors, but don’t let that get in the way of what can be a fun and fulfilling day of adrenaline-pumping madness.

Or you can just wait for Santa to do the work for you.

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