Pinnacle Mountain Fire burns more than 10k acres

Pinnacle Mountain Fire from Caesar's Head on Nov. 23. (WSPA)

PICKENS Co, S.C. (WSPA) — The Pinnacle Mountain Fire has grown to about 10,100 acres as of early Monday morning.

Fire crews were able to complete a burnout on the northeast side of the fire Sunday that officials say helped strengthen firelines from Slicking Gap down to part of the Slickum Falls Road and established firebreaks near Brushy Knob down to the Table Rock Reservoir.

Fire crossed containment lines south of Brushy Knob over night, but firefighters worked into the early morning hours and put lines around this area. Firefighters also continued extinguishing hot spots and clearing firelines of falling leaves.

Firefighters will continue strengthening firebreaks and conducting a burnout operation just north of the Table Rock Reservoir toward Buzzard Mountain Road.

“If successful, this action will stop the spread of the fire to the east. Crews will also patrol firelines and cool hot spots throughout the fire perimeter,” fire officials said in a statement.

As of 1 a.m. Monday, the fire was 50 percent contained.

The wildfire is estimated to have cost $4 million to date.

Table Rock State Park and trails remain closed. The Park is expected to reopen in stages as early as Monday afternoon. People planning a visit to the park is encouraged to check the park’s website or call 864-878-9813.

Teams are staged in high risk areas and evaluating homes for risk and mitigating risks where possible. Structures threatened in Pickens County (112), Greenville County (523), and Transylvania County in N.C. (171).


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