Protecting your personal information online on Cyber Monday

Protecting your personal info, online

Many shoppers check off their Christmas list while scrolling down a webpage but technology expert Danny Brown of Computer Handyman said it’s important to keep your personal information, from being easy to steal.

Brown said clicking on a fake ad or phishing scam can expose your bank account digits.

Before you buy Brown suggests you look for the security lock at the top of your screen.

It’s in front of https, which stands for secured.

Brown suggests sites like OpenDNS or SonicWall. These will quiz you to see if you can spot the fake page.

Another item to look for is a proper URL address, containing no letters or numbers before the back slash.

Brown said major retail sites like Best Buy or Amazon will represent third party sellers.

These sellers may have different return and shipping policies than the larger sites or may take longer to ship to your if they’re not located in the US.

“Most sites have reviews and information on that specific vendor so you can see what other customers complaints are,” Brown said.

He warns shoppers of pop up ads. If a pop up appears on your screen, try to close it or reboot your computer if necessary.

Brown also said to never call a number on your screen offering to help you fix a virus, or follow directions from a supposed shipping company claiming they need to get in touch with you.

“There’s so many of them, companies like Fed Ex have started websites dedicated to identifying the scam. Even if you think you have packages coming in, read that email closely make sure it looks right,” Brown said.

Despite all the risks out there Brown insists it’s safe to shop online.

For an added layer of safety Brown suggests using a credit card instead of a debit card, that way if you’re scammed and lose money, the credit card company will be fighting for their funds to be reimbursed, not your own.

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