VIDEO: Man watches Gatlinburg cabin burn to ground from surveillance camera

GATLINBURG (WATE) – Chris Allen watched helplessly from his home in Kentucky as raging fires destroyed his cabins in Gatlinburg.

Allen said he watched as flames lapped at the deck of one of his cabins, located at 336 Raccoon in Gatlinburg. He thinks he also lost his second cabin, which is about a mile down the road.

“The glow you see in the back is a row of 7 or 8 other cabins fully engulfed. The fire was creeping onto my front porch. Then the cameras went dead. We have no idea, but suspect we lost the entire lodge,” said Allen. “She was beautiful. This was in the heart of the city too. It is awful.”

While watching the feed, Allen said ADT called to tell him the fire alarm was going off in his second cabin. He said he watched a row of 7 or 8 other cabins fully engulfed and the fire slowly creep onto his back porch and then the cameras went dead.

“I’m still in sort of shock I think. I’ve talked with others who have no insurance and they do not even know if their house is gone or not. Other friends lost everything except the clothes on their back because they had to flee without warning,” said Allen.

He said he visited the cabin just a week before. If he had been inside the cabin, he’s not sure if he would have made it out alive.

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