Man found guilty of murder, gets 30 years for Spartanburg shooting

Shedrick Andre Savage

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – One man has received a 30-year prison sentence for a fatal shooting, according to Solicitor Barry Barnette.

Barnette says 34-year-old Shedrick Andre Savage, of Gaffney, was found guilty of murdering 23-year-old Charlie Jackson back in November of 2014.

Jackson was shot in the chest while walking in the parking lot of a night club on Southport Road.

The violence stemmed from an altercation that happened inside the club earlier that evening.

Barnette says when Jackson was walking toward his car with a friend, Savage drove by in a truck.

Words were exchanged through an open window, and Jackson tossed a bottle at the truck, Barnette says.

He says that’s when Savage shot Jackson through the driver’s side window.

Savage then fled the area in a dark blue Chevrolet pick-up truck.

Officers with the Gaffney Police Department spotted Savage driving the truck hours later.

He was arrested without incident.

The murder weapon wasn’t recovered but forensic tests performed on Savage tested positive for gunshot residue.

Savage’s prior criminal record includes convictions for multiple drug offenses and felon in possession of a firearm.

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