Elevated levels of lead found in drinking water at 2 Blacksburg homes

BLACKSBURG, SC (WSPA) — Blacksburg Water System customers should soon receive letters notifying them about lead in their drinking water.

Elevated levels of lead were found in two homes between July and August.

Water officials say they annually test 10 homes and there hasn’t been a history of higher lead levels.

“The Blacksburg Water System has not tested positive for any type of lead issues and it is believed to be confined to specific residences,” Town Administrator Charlene Carter said.

Carter said they will test throughout the town system and in proximity to the residences at fire hydrants to ensure they continue providing safe and clean drinking water.

An advisory letter will be mailed Thursday with water bills and has been included in local papers and posted on public information sites, she said.

Carter said samples showing elevated lead were taken from the interior kitchen faucets of two homes. According to the advisory letter to water customers, most lead enters drinking water after it leaves a local well or treatment plant and comes into contact with household plumbing materials that contain lead.

Exposure to lead can affect nearly every system in the body, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The town of Blacksburg offers these steps to reduce exposure from drinking water:

  • Run water to flush out lead
  • Cook and prepare baby formula with cold water
  • Don’t boil water to remove lead
  • Have your child tested for lead at a local health department
  • Treat water with a filter or use bottled water. Contact NSF International at 1-800-NSF-8010 or www.nsf.org for information on water filters approved to reduce lead.
  • Identify if plumbing fixtures contain lead and replace them

Click here for more information on reducing lead exposure and possible health risks.

For more information about the water advisory, call 864-839-2332.

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