Widow of ‘Superbike murder’ victim speaks on confessed killer

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – The widow and son of Scott Ponder, who was killed at Superbike Motorsports 13 years ago, attended a candlelight service for the families and friends who’ve lost loved ones to violent crimes or tragedy.

Families of Todd Kohlhepp’s other alleged victims were also at the service on Thursday night.

“Sitting here, listening to the things these people had to say, it meant a lot,” Melissa Ponder said.

It was her first time back in Spartanburg since Kohlhepp confessed to killing her husband. Ponder says she was shocked and is still in disbelief over the news.

“I wanted to see all the families here that found out the news too,” said Ponders’ son, Scotty.

“I almost feel sorry for him. He’s done something so irreversible. He’s done something that cannot be changed,” Melissa said. “Seeing his face, I just see a blank shell — just somebody who doesn’t have any emotions.”

Kohlhepp’s mom told 7 News that her son says he felt he was embarrassed by the Superbike victims, and that’s why he killed them. It’s something Ponder says she can’t understand.

“Even though I wasn’t there, I can play out that scenario in my mind and I can see Scott and I can see Brian laughing and joking but not one time could I ever picture them belittling someone or making them feel less than what they were. That right there tells me he – Todd – could not have been in his right mind.”

Ponder says she’s not sure if she can say the confession gives closure, but it does bring her peace. Ponder says she is considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

“I want other people to know that as low and dark as things may seem for them there’s a light and it’ll come. It’s different for everybody,” Ponder said.

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