Off-duty officer gives little girl CPR, saves her life

BYRAM, Miss. (WJTV) — Two parents in Byram are grateful for their neighbor who they say saved their child’s life Friday. Their baby girl stopped breathing, and an off-duty officer stepped in to help.

“I am so blessed,” said Lacy McKee. She’s been holding onto her daughter Emerie extra tight these last few days.

“She made a crying noise, and I would pick her up, and she wasn’t breathing,” she said.

The new mom says she is forever indebted to her neighbor, Commander Reginald Cooper for his courageous act of kindness.

“I went and ran to call 911, then I went back to her and her dad and was like trying to do CPR like you know how to do, but I was panicking so I really didn’t know if I was doing it right,” McKee said.

The 11-month-old turned purple, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Emerie’s dad remembered that Commander Cooper was nearby.

“I had to do what I had to do, and I was going to stay there until we got some kind of life back in that child,” McKee said.

Within minutes, he was able to get the child breathing again.

“The child did start to gasp a little bit,” he said. “I knew then that we were on the something and I knew that we had her back. Moments later she started crying, and that was probably the best sound I could’ve ever heard.”

Though he has been deemed a hero, Commander Cooper says he only did what he hoped anyone would do.
“I said I couldn’t take all the credit because we had fire and rescue that showed up from Byram of course,” he said. “Volunteers and once they got there they took over, and they were a big help in helping to save this child.”

“I am so thankful for Officer Cooper,” McKee said. “Words can’t even describe. I just thank him so much because If it were not for him, I don’t think our baby would be alive today.”

The baby has no history of health issues, and she was taken to a doctor today to be seen and everything seems to be just fine. Her parents are hoping that this story will encourage everyone who sees it, to get CPR certified.

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