3rd annual Shop with a Hero is held in Hendersonville Monday

Students shop with law enforcement in Hendersonville

Five students from the thirteen public schools across Henderson County were chosen to shop with a Hero Monday.

Students were chosen based on need and also on their consistent record of giving back to the community.

Students arrived around 9 am and had a snack with law enforcement officers while they made their shopping lists and met with their individual law enforcement officers.

Lt. Mike Vesey with Hendersonville PD said officers are often just as excited as the students to shop and spend the $100 on their friends and families.

“Many times the students want to spend it all on others and not themselves so we have to remind them that it’s OK to put something in the basket,” said Vesey.

Vesey said many officers from his department, deputies from Henderson County, Hendersonville firefighters and other organizations enjoy decorating their carts to add another level of fun to the shopping.

Vesey said the event bridges the gap between students who may have had a negative experience with a law enforcement officer in the past at a disturbance or fire.

Molly McGowen Gorsuch with Henderson County Public Schools said the students look forward to the shopping experience.

“It’s mostly the students excited to shop for their parents and brothers and sisters,” she said.

Students enjoyed pizza with the hero’s which was donated by the Henderson County First Restoration Services in Fletcher.

Vesey said the organization faced the possibility of having to cut their budget and the number of students that could shop, until community partners from ACE hardware, Walmart, the Elk Lodge and other locations stepped up and gave.


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