Anderson Police investigating other crimes in couple’s disappearance

Kayla Brown and Charles Carver
Kayla Brown and Charles Carver

ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) — Anderson Police Chief Jim Stewart says his department is investigating other alleged criminal activity that could be connected to Kala Brown’s disappearance and the death of Charlie Carver.

The couple went missing in late August. Several weeks later, sheriff’s deputies in Spartanburg County found Brown in a storage container on a 95-acre property in Woodruff owned by Todd Kohlhepp who’s been charged with kidnapping Brown.

Kohlhepp is accused of killing Charlie Carver and burying him on the same property where Brown was kept chained in a storage container.

Anderson Police Department is not releasing copies of search warrants that were sought after the couple disappeared.

In an email, Chief Stewart said the investigation is ongoing and premature disclosure might harm the investigation.

Stewart isn’t saying what other potential criminal activity officers are investigating in the case.

The Anderson Independent Mail reports it could involve someone other than Todd Kohlhepp.

The suspected serial killer has been charged with kidnapping Brown and murder in Carver’s death.


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