Deadlines approaching for Greenville Co. School Choice change applications

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Starting Monday, parents in Greenville County can apply to send their child to a school outside the zone where they live.

The school district says they encourage parents to put their students in the school that best suits their needs.

The county’s “Change in Assignment” window is open until December 16th.

The school district says parents should go to their first choice school to fill out and submit forms. You can choose up to three desired schools.

Then there will be a lottery drawn for available spaces in February. The results are posted to the district’s website.

Those who don’t get in to the schools of their choice will be put on a wait list for the first 10 days of the new school year.

“You hope you get the school you want but it doesn’t always happen,” explained Michael Thorn, the East Side High School Principal. “So they will go to their zoned school, but the purpose is that things happen at the last minute that will give them that invite. So it is hopeful.”

For schools like East Side High School in Greenville County, many parents and students every year are eager to be enrolled. The school district says the school choice lottery eliminates the lines and first come first serve process. For more information, click HERE.

“We have been near 100 people who want to come to our school and many do get in and many do not,” Thorn said. “But before you feel elated or disappointed, get your form filled out and be patient. Check out other schools and be hopeful.”

If you’re interested in one of the 11 magnet academies in the county, the application deadline for those schools is Wednesday December 7th at noon. The district has more information on their website, HERE.

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