No new charges against driver who killed 2 kids crossing street

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WSPA) — Asheville police say a man who hit and killed two children who were walking with their grandmother isn’t expected to face more charges.

Elvin Hernandez was charged with not having a valid North Carolina driver’s licence after the deadly crash on Thursday evening.

Police say Hernandez hit 72-year-old Aurora Garcia. She was crossing a street with her young grandchildren when police say Hernandez, who didn’t see them crossing them, hit all three with a 2003 Acura.

The three were taken to Mission Hospital where police say 10-year-old Alexander Bautista-Gomez and 5-year-old Milena Alejandro-Bautista died from their injuries.

Police said Monday that the traffic control signal was green at the time of the crash. Police also said Mrs. Garcia and the children did not cross Fairview Road in the intersection, but further east where there was no lighting for the roadway.

Police and the District Attorneys’ Office don’t plan to pursue additional charges as of Monday morning.

The investigation into the crash continues and police say they will consult the District Attorney’s about possible charges if new  evidence is discovered.

A spokesperson with Asheville police had  no update on Mrs. Garcia’s condition.

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