25-year-old pregnant mom dies after 6-year-old son finds her unresponsive

Felicia Sageser and Bentley (Courtesy: WISH)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Felicia Sageser’s family was planning on being in the hospital early Monday morning. The 25-year-old was expecting her second child. A girl she wanted to name Everlee.

But her family was not planning on being in the hospital to see Everlee without Felicia around.

“I had kissed her goodbye at like five in the morning and was texting her,” said her boyfriend, Michael Meyers.

“I had left for work and she was getting my grandson Bentley ready for school and his clothes laid out on the bed and told him to get dressed. He was getting dressed and she sat on the couch as she always did and he come in there and found her unresponsive and tried to talk to her and she wouldn’t wake up so he ran across to the neighbor and called 911,” said Felicia’s grandma, Carol Swango.

The ambulance pulled up just as the school bus did.

“He went to school never knowing that was the last time he would see mom,” Swango said.

Paramedics rushed Felicia to the hospital. Doctors performed an emergency c-section. One hour and 20 minutes after Everlee was born, her mom died.

“My first thought was, ‘Is the baby okay, did she, did they both go’?” said Felicia’s uncle, Dillen Swango.

Everlee was flown to St. Vincent in Indianapolis. Doctors worried she would go, too.

“We was about done. They were saying that she wasn’t going to make it then they did an MRI and discovered there wasn’t as much brain damage as they thought,” said Carol.

With the help of her big brother, she’s improved every day since.

“He just thinks she is awesome. He holds her, talks to her and holds her hand. He tells her that ya know, his mommy loved her,” Swango said.

And though his mom could not be saved, “We talk to Mommy every night tell her we love her and miss her and all that,” Meyers said.

His family believes the help he ran to get for her, gave his sister a chance.

“I honestly do think he saved his sister’s life,” Swango said.

Sageser died on Nov. 18. The Decatur County Coroner’s Office says they have not determined how Sageser died so suddenly. Her family believes she had a heart attack. They say she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a year and a half ago and that she had been to see her heart doctor a few days before she died.

A Go Fund Me page has been established to help the family pay for Sageser’s burial and Everlee’s medical bills. 

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