Anderson Co. Deputies monitoring Facebook threats against law enforcement

ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The Anderson County Sheriff’s office is monitoring threats made against officers on social media after a deputy was involved in a deadly shooting in Iva last week.

A suspect was shot and killed by a deputy following a chase in Anderson County last Tuesday. It started when an Anderson County Sheriff’s Office deputy tried to stop a car near Bascomb Road and Sexton Gin Road, according to deputies.

The threats were written on Facebook recently before someone alerted the Sheriff’s office. Deputies couldn’t tell us immediately what specifically was said or by who. However, they said the posts weren’t specific and were not directed at any one officer.

Because the online threats weren’t targeting any specific person, deputies say the only thing they can do right now is continue to monitor the posts.

Sheriff elect Chad McBride says he was notified multiple times of the threats. He says these kinds of threats against officers are all too common nationwide.

“You know it is unfortunate because as law enforcement officers we are out here trying to protect the community and we have a very hard enough job as it is,” McBride says. “These things are pretty common you know any time after an incident like this, especially on social media. We still have to protect and defend and serve these same folks that have these sentiments about us.”

The Anderson County Sheriff’s office has still not released the name of the officer involved in last week’s deadly shooting in Iva. We’re told that’s because of the on-going SLED investigation. The deputy remains on administrative leave.

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