Lila Pickering died from stab wound to chest, according to autopsy

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WSPA) – A Wake Forest autopsy report shows that 6-year-old Lila Pickering died from a stab wound to the chest.

The report says the blade perforated the heart and lung.

Her father, Seth Pickering, 36, of Leicester, NC is charged with her murder.

READ Father arrested in child’s killing on Blue Ridge Parkway, FBI says

The penalty for first-degree murder is life in prison or death. The Department of Justice has not announced whether it will seek the death penalty.

Lila was a 1st grade student at Johnston Elementary School. Buncombe County Schools Superintendent Dr. Tony Baldwin says, “While many questions have yet to be answered, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the heartbreaking loss of this wonderful little girl.”


The FBI says the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report of a missing person for Lila Pickering and while taking the report and preparing to issue an AMBER Alert, they were notified by National Park Service of the homicide on the Parkway.

Park Rangers at the scene found a car parked in a grassy area along the side of the Parkway and found the victim as well as the suspect and make an arrest immediately.

A spokeswoman with the FBI said a portion of the Parkway between Brevard and Hendersonville roads was closed for several hours before reopening around 1 a.m. Saturday morning while investigators gathered evidence and processed the scene near mile marker 393.

The FBI, National Parks Service and Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the child’s killing.

Due to the fact that the crime occurred on Federal property, the FBI is reviewing the case with the Assistant US Attorney and they say the case may be adopted for Federal prosecution.


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