December 2016 Caring for the Carolinas Award Winner

defcember caring for the carolinas winner Lake Adler

Hi Jack Roper, Cherokee County, in the community of Goucher in front of, you guessed it, Goucher Elementary School. Lake Adler is a 10-year-old young man, we’re going inside, we have our December Caring for the Carolinas award to give him because of an idea he has to help the homeless.

Lake is our Student President here. He’s an awesome student. His project came about as part of his campaign.

Well, Lake, this is a blessing bag, and before you dump that out and show me what’s in there, tell me what led you to want to do this for the homeless.

Well, one day I wanted to help the homeless because I thought about how it would be to not have anything.

There’s of course water, chapsticks, a little New Testament Bible, and then you’ve got deoderant, everything, you’ve really thought this out. Pretty proud of this aren’t you?

Yes sir, I am.

This will continue, won’t it? Bath Fitter and Hardees that help make this award possible, and Lake, Hardees has for you a Thickburger hamburger every week for a year. Hope you fill up.

Every school-affiliated group is going to make a blessing bag for all of the adults that work in our counties.

There it is, our award. Our Caring for the Carolinas award for the month of December to Mr. Lake Adler. I hear applause, Lake, 10-year-old Lake, there you go buddy. Congratulations. How about a handshake? It’s available for handshaking.

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