Escaped Inmate had violent past in Greenville Co.

Michael Williamson (SC Dept. of Corrections)

Michael Alan Williamson escaped from McCormick Correction Wednesday night, while serving a life sentence for crimes in Greenville County.

Williamson has been arrested 12 times, according to his background check.

The first violent crime was in 1989, when he was arrested for Assault and Battery with Intent to Kill. Warrants state that Williamson stabbed a man inside “This is It” lounge on Highway 124 in Greenville County.

Williamson was sentenced to serve 5 years in prison for that crime. While in Perry Correctional, Williamson assaulted an officer, hitting him across the face. That assault injured the officer’s mouth.

Then in 1996, Williamson robbed the Westside Quick Shop on W. Parker Road. Williamson along with another person entered the gas station with hose over their face and held the cashier at gunpoint. Williamson got away with over $5,000.

Williamson was sentenced to life in prison for that crime.

While in the detention system, Williamson spent most of his sentence in McCormick Correctional. He was disciplined 9 times, for possession of contraband, including cell phones. He also was caught using narcotics and alcohol.

Williamson was caught in Columbia on Thursday morning.

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