Cleanup continues after Simpsonville tornado

Clean up continues more than a week after a tornado ripped through an area of Simpsonville. Some there lost everything and now the community is coming together to help.

Friend showed up at the home of Ruth and Clayton Thomason, Friday, to salvage what was left.

“It’s a real possible thing that we could’ve been going to two funerals instead of finding out they were safe,” said friend, Chris Nix.

As Nix walked through what’s left of the home, he called their survival a miracle.

Last Wednesday, and EF1 tornado nearly lifted away their mobile home

“It picked the trailer up, turned it and then he said he felt it drop back down,” said Nix. “If the trees hadn’t have fallen on it, there’s no telling where it would’ve been ended up.”

For homes along W. Georgia Rd. were destroyed and hundreds of others face damages of their own. While the Thomason’s are relying on the kindness of friends to help them get by, even strangers are stepping in to help.

“They had a lot of faith that things were going to look up for them and, so basically, I just went and talked to them,” said Simpsonville resident, Victoria.

Victoria decided to start a “go fund me” account for the couple she just met.

“I know the people work hard for their money in the fact that they are trying to help the Thomasons, it just takes my breath away,” she said.

Nearly $800 has already been raised for the pair, but their friends and family are asking for community support.

“They’ve lost everything so we’re wanting to get them at least back to where they were in a place with a roof over their head and them not worried about what they’re going to do for food next week,” said Nix.

To help, visit:

Meanwhile, Greenville County tells 7 News that the Simpsonville area is up to $1.9 million in uninsured losses. Unfortunately, this keeps the community outside before $4.5 million threshold for federal aid at this point.

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