Cold weather cost saving steps to protect your home and lower heating bills

Just because the temperature drops, doesn’t mean your savings should.

But that’s exactly what can happen if you don’t prep your home for the winter.

So we’re sharing expert advice on the steps you can take to reduce heating bills and even protect your family.

Aaron Gordon, a technician with Carolina Heating Service will be entering a lot of homes during this cold snap.

He’s a welcome site for the Simpsonville homeowner Chris Gubitose who had no upstairs heat last night.

“We were cold, but extra blankets helped out,” said Gubitose.

Furnace repair crews say if you haven’t had a maintenance check lately, they have plenty of stories.

For instance, fixing Gubitose’s electronic board will set him back about $800, and a $140 maintenance check may have prevented that.

“Maybe we could have caught some wires that are loose, or whatever the case may be, electronically they need to be maintained,” said Gordon.

But when it comes to cold weather cost savings, Gubitose has done a lot of things right.

“I recently replaced the gaskets, the seals that go around the door,” said Gubitose.

It’s a $20 buy that can save hundreds over time on your heating bill.

He also sealed the gaps around the ducts of his floor vents with spray foam.

And made sure the attic ducts are air tight, too.

Gubitose also learned the hard way the importance of $3 foam insulated spicket caps, after his pipes burst.

“Yeah that was probably about a $300 bill,” said Gubitose.

Back inside, with the furnace now on, it’s key to make sure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working.

Replacing your filter is also crucial. When you don’t, the build up can clog the airflow and shutdown your system which means you have to pay for a crew to come to your house.

Finally, the don’t forget, for every degree you lower your heat, you’ll save 5% on your heating bill, so programmable thermostats are a must.

Be Prepared

How to drive in snow or ice

AAA has some tips that help drivers trudge through conditions whenever winter weather hits the area.

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