Don’t ban my business DEA, says Upstate salesman

An Upstate salesman is worried that the DEA is going to ban his business.

Justin Lowe is a wholesaler of Kratom, a ground up leafy powder that gets you high. The substance is known to be used for anxiety, depression, treating illnesses like Crohn’s Disease and also helping deal with drug addictions.

In August, the DEA published a notice that they would be banning Kratom, making it a schedule 1 drug. After immediate criticism, the DEA changed their decision, opening up for public comment until December 1st and asking the FDA to investigate the drug further. Since then, 23,000 people have written the DEA asking them not to ban it.

Lowe says the demand is high, selling thousands of bags of Kratom to retailers every week.

The DEA says that 55,000 Kilograms of Kratom has entered the United States coming from SouthEast Asia.





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