Georgia officers shot and killed were best friends

AMERICUS, Ga. – We learned that the bond between these two was so tight that when Nicholas Smarr responded to the domestic call, Jody Smith was there to back up his friend.

It’s a sad day for the Americus community. The two officers shot yesterday were best friends.

Nicholas Smarr, 25, worked for the Americus Police Department. His best friend 26-year-old Jody Smith worked as an officer at Georgia Southwestern State University. They even went through the police academy together.

“He was a super guy. Him and Jody were always together whenever you saw one you saw the other. Like I said they live together in the same house and and it’s so tragic just didn’t have to happen that way,” says Sumter County Sheriff Pete Smith.

What makes it even more tragic was that Smarr and Smith were both engaged to be married to their girlfriends this spring. One thing that as brought healing to this community is the support it has from the country. There is a hashtag trending on social media. It’s #PrayForAmericus.

Georgia Southwestern State University is near where the shooting took place. Classes were cancelled Thursday. Commencement is still scheduled to place Friday.

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