Man accused of assaulting SC police chief

Goldie Bellinger (WJBF)

WILLISTON, S.C. – A person is behind bars after assaulting Williston Police Chief Rodney Pruitt and holding a woman at gunpoint.

Investigators say Goldie Bellinger started fighting the chief as he was trying to apprehend Bellinger.

It started when investigators say Bellinger started to hit another person who was giving Bellinger a ride. Bellinger held the female victim at gun point.

Bellinger then allegedly began to point the firearm at other people.

The Williston police chief traveled west on Highway 78 in an attempt to stop the vehicle driven by the victim.

She was able to eventually slow down and tried to jump out of the vehicle but couldn’t.

Investigators say Bellinger then pistol whipped the woman and Bellinger eventually exited the vehicle and approached Chief Pruitt’s car and began to assault him.

Bellinger was eventually arrested and taken to the Aiken County Detention Center.

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